Emergency Vehicle Solutions specializes in providing visible and audible warning devices for vehicles in a variety of industries. Additions to existing installations, turnkey package design and integration, repairs, and ongoing preventative maintenance packages are just a few of the ways we can help ensure you stand out on the road!

Emergency Vehicle Solutions takes care of the entire process, start to finish.

The process begins with us ordering the light bars from one of our vendors: Brooking Industries, Phoenix Industries, or Whelan Engineering. In most cases, the light bars are pre-assembled, in the cases where they are not, we assemble them ourselves. After we have received the materials we need, we will drive to where you are situated and personally install the lights onto your vehicle, at which point your vehicle will be all set for use! Yes, it truly is that simple!

See for yourself what Emergency Vehicle Solutions can do for you!

Emergency Vehicle Solutions is proud to offer our clients maximum flexibility by providing a 100% mobile shop experience. Our team members travel to your shop, yard, worksite, home, or designated location for all evaluations, installations, and service calls. We understand that having equipment out of service in a shop is costly and we believe in efficient service with great communication. Many of our services can be performed in any location and in a timely manner with minimal downtime.

If it’s got wheels, we’ve got a solution for it! Our technicians have 25+ years of experience providing lighting packages, siren systems, and accessories of all kinds for vehicles and equipment in many different industries. Modern construction, emergency service, and utility companies operate a wide variety of equipment types and each comes with its own unique needs. At EVS, our goal is to provide the most efficient and effective warning device solution for each client and their equipment’s unique needs.

Law Enforcement

Sedans, SUVs, Trucks, MRAP Tactical, Equine Trailers

Public Works

Sedans, Trucks, SUVs, Golf Carts, Lawnmowers


Ambulances, Fire Engines, Ladder & Rescue Trucks, ATVs, UTVs, Brush Trucks, Utility & Enclosed Trailers, Marine Rescue Boats


Trucks, Trailers, Heavy Equipment, Dump Trucks, Traffic Control Trailers, Message Boards, UTVs, Light Towers, Generators, Tractors, Perimeter Fencing

Towing & Recovery

Trucks, Flatbeds, Cranes

Private Industry

Funeral Family Cars, Hearses, Private Security Vehicles, Volunteer Fire Vehicles, Food Trucks/Trailers, All-Terrain Vehicle Lighting, Film Industry, Theatrical/Prop Lighting

Products, Services & Tools We Offer


  • Full-Size and Miniature Lightbars (Permanent Install and Temporary)
  • Surface-Mount Lightheads (Red, Amber, White, Blue, Green)
  • Hide-a-Way/Flush Mount Stealth Lighting
  • Push Bumpers and Tactical Vehicle Accessories
  • In-Vehicle Cages, Restraint Systems, Radio and Equipment Mounts
  • Radio Antenna Systems and Dash Integration
  • Backup Cameras & Screens, Backup Lighting, Backup Audible Warnings
  • Tow Hitches, Airbag Systems, & Accessories
  • Winches & Recovery Equipment & Accessories
  • Ladder Racks & Secure Tool Storage Systems
  • Siren, Air-Horn, PA, & Audible Warning Speakers & Controllers
  • Traffic Control Signage, Tools, and Accessories
  • Digital Message Boards, & Traffic Control Equipment
  • Custom Wiring Harnesses & Installation of Client-Provided Equipment
  • Repairs and Replacement of Existing Equipment

Our Industries


  • Construction– Road, Infrastructure, Residential, Commercial
  • Towing– Roadside Assistance, Towing, Recovery
  • Transportation– Oversize Transport/Flag Cars, Escort Vehicles
  • Law Enforcement– Municipal, County, State, Federal, Military, Tactical & Specialty
  • Fire/Rescue– Engine, Ladder, Rescue, Specialty Vehicles, POV, Command Post
  • Education– Busses, Fleet Maintenance, Campus Security/Traffic Control, Golf Carts/UTVs
  • Funeral- Transport, Hearses, Family Vehicles, Excavation Equipment, Traffic Control
  • Security– Vehicles, People Movers, Traffic Control Equipment/Barricades
  • Utility– Refuse Disposal, Portable Toilet Transport/Cleaning, Public Works, Parking Enforcement
  • Film– Film Equipment Trucks/Trailers, Booms/Lifts/Cranes, Traffic Barricades, Set Area Lighting
  • Parks & Recreation– Trucks, ATV/UTV/Marine, Heavy Equipment
  • Private Clients– Vehicle Lighting & Modification, Food Trucks, Marketing Vehicles/Trailers, Festival and Event Vehicles & Trailers, Golf Carts, Tailgate Equipment,